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Simplified Marketing 4 You a division of e-Multimedia Cards and TeleSuccess is a marketing company, which has been conducting business since 1994. With clients ranging from one-person operations to multi-billion dollar companies, Simplified Marketing 4 You offers services in Canada and the United States and employs the skills of fully bilingual, French-speaking personnel.

The mission of Simplified Marketing 4 You is to benefit our client companies by increasing their sales. The TeleSuccess team works closely with these organizations to create more business opportunities and grow their market share. We assist them in creating a proper list of potential clients and help them meet with the right decision-makers.

The professionalism of Simplified Marketing 4 You outshines everyone in the industry. After going through a vigorous hiring process, our team members are cherry-picked to ensure that we have the perfect representation for our clients. They are then fully trained by hands-on president, Carol Solis.

Our target market is companies who deal B2B (business to business) and appreciate the value of marketing. Their philosophy, like ours is that it takes money to make money. Whether these businesses are small or Fortune 1000 companies, they are treated in the same way. The Simplified Marketing 4 You team ensures that they have the highest ROI, because we want to earn long term relationships with our clients.